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DriveTek AFE – Variable Speed Drives

Active Front End (AFE) drives use two power sections.

An active rectifier is used to minimize the amount of harmonic distortion reflected to the power grid by drawing nearly sinusoidal current from the power grid. Standard 6-pulse rectifiers used in most drives create harmonics (e.g.5th, 7th, etc.) that can generate anywhere from 30 to 100 percent current distortion. The active rectifier used in the AFE drive creates cancelling harmonics that effectively eliminate those that would be created in a standard 6-pulse drive.

An AFE drive offers several benefits over an 18-pulse harmonic reduction drive: cost, energy savings and less harmonic distortion. While the printed performance specifications may show only a slight improvement using AFE over 18-pulse, the difference can be significant in the field.


  1. Small footprint and lightweight design
  2. Active Front End
  3. No need for Phase Shift Transformer
  4. Designed specifically for offshore applications
  5. IEEE 519 Compliance
  6. Available in NEMA 3R, 4 and 4X configurations


  1. AFE for maximum harmonic suppression
  2. Minimal System Harmonics without the need for input transformers
  3. Filtered output for down hole run life enhancement
  4. Remote monitoring and Control

DriveTek Pulse Rectifier – Variable Speed Drives

Specifically designed to power ESP's and HSPS in the oilfield, PumpTek's PRX drive range is both tough and durable. With designs across the pulse ranges PumpTek's PRX Drives offer a fit for purpose solution no matter what the application requires.

6-12-18-24 Pulse

Low cost optimises footprint sizes available.


  1. Reduced operating cost
  2. Proven design
  3. Can be configured for harsh environment

GenTek Power Generation

PumpTek provides a range of power generation modules and auxiliary items associated. Our GenTek packages are available in both safe zone or zone 2 configuration and can be tailored to meet any given requirement. Units can be configured with fire and gas panels, as well as bi-fuel set-ups.