Submersible pumps are multi-staged centrifugal pumps where each stage consists of an impeller and a diffuser. PumpTek's standard offering is a compression mixed flow abrasion resistant pump. This approach opens a wide application range for oil production in harsh environments.

The pumps are capable of producing well fluids containing free gas and emulsions from the reservoir, creating appropriate bottom hole pressure drawdown.

We manufacture radial flow stages and floater type pumps for low production applications.

PumpTek offers an optimized high-efficient pump product line for operational flexibility, improved inventory control and reduced operating cost.


  1. Housing diameters from 3.38" to 11.00"
  2. Flow rates from 80 to 130000 bpd
  3. High pressure housing
  4. Various stage, shaft and body materials
  5. Tungsten carbide bearings
  6. Large vane openings
  7. Factory tested to API RP11S2
  8. Fit to purpose
  9. Various housing materials and coatings