PumpTek's submersible motors are three phase AC induction type. Motors are filled with synthetic oil for lubrication, cooling and insulation. Motors provide power to the pump by for downhole system turning shafts connected via couplings.

ESP industry experience indicates that electrical downhole equipment is the most critical part of the system and requires special attention on design, manufacturing, quality and the operational side. PumpTek motors are hand wound and are being comprehensively inspected at each stage of manufacturing, from raw material to final acceptance testing. Our motors life cycle is in compliance with API recommendations and Company best practices.

We use high quality copper magnet wire and thin stator steel to achieve high output efficiency which results in lower heat rise, when motors are exposed to higher temperature well conditions.

Motors are insulated with high materials for maximum operating temperature of 400 F (220 C).


  1. Housing diameters from 3.80'' to 5.62''
  2. Power up to 1800 HP
  3. High Grade insulation
  4. All-steel stator, non-rotating bearings
  5. Reliable and proven design
  6. Reduce operating power requirement
  7. Various housing materials and coatings