Monitoring Solutions

PumpTek designed the Recon downhole sensor to be oilfield-rugged with no moving parts to wear out. It is resistant to vibration and has been field-proven to be more reliable than traditional downhole sensors.

The strain gauge technology used for pressure monitoring is highly robust, reliable and accurate.

Recon technology improves the accuracy and resolution of pressure and temperature data over conventional sensors.Employing state-of-the-art transducers and self-correcting linear calibrations, the Recon gauge accuracy is maintained throughout the life of the sensor.


  1. Operates in pressures up to 5,000 psi
  2. Available in temperatures range from 212 to 350 F
  3. Adaptable to all motor and controller manufacturers
  4. Stainless steel housing material
  5. Pump intake pressure
  6. Pump discharge pressure

Potential parameters

  1. Pump discharge temperature
  2. Wellbore or intake fluid temperature
  3. Motor oil or winding temperature
  4. Vibrations
  5. Inclination angles
  6. Current leakage
  7. Insulation Resistance
  8. Tubing head pressure/temperature
  9. Casing pressure