MLE & Power Cables

Downhole Cable delivers power to the submersible motor as well as carrying signals from the ESP gauge to the Surface Controller.

PumpTek offers a cost effective range of power cables (TekLine) in both flat and round configurations. They are designed to be reliable in corrosive and harsh environments that an ESP can be subjected to in a given application

To accompany the power cable, we provide a line of motor lead cables to fit both tape in and plug in type motor designs. Our services include full cable repair and recertification to "new" condition.


  1. Rated from 212 to 450 deg F
  2. Decompression tolerant
  3. Galvanized, stainless or monel armor
  4. Properly selected to meet well conditions
  5. Low cost design is available for shallow wells
  6. Various armor and installation materials for different applications