gas solutions

Vortex Gas Separators

  1. PumpTek ESP Systems have the ability to both separate and process free gas with our selection of Gas Separators and Gas Processors to meet any well conditions that may be encountered in the oilfield.
  2. Gas Separators are designed to separate free gas from fluids before it enters the pump. PumpTek's modern vortex separator design eliminates the traditional rotor for improved dynamic stability, abrasion resistance and reliability.
  3. Vortex Gas Separators are also more efficient compared against conventional rotary design.

Gas Handlers

GazPro & GPX

Where free gas needs to be managed rather than separated PumpTek recommends the GazPro.

The GazPro is a high speed multi-stage gas processor that forces gas bubbles into solution and homogenizes the fluid to avoid gas lock in the pump.


  1. Housing diameters from 3.38'' to 6.75''
  2. Separation efficiency from 30% up to 95%
  3. Tungsten carbide bearings
  4. Extended run time
  5. Wide range of production rates


Features and Benefits

  1. designed to optimize and stabilize well operation by re-injection of fluids & gases from annulus into tubing above ESP
  2. Ability to produce both fluids and gas through the production tubing
  3. operates in a closed annulus condition
  4. wide operating range
  5. good for low and unstable inflow wells
  6. smaller ESP's deliver higher production rates
  7. increases drawdown & production
  8. decreases annulus pressure
  9. improves ESP run-life keeping it at BEP
  10. Wireline retrievable AFV and jet pump